Kimitec Agro

100% Natural and Effective Solutions for Your Crop’s Nutrition and Stimulation

Healthier and More Profitable Crops

Your primary concern is to increase your crop’s productivity and to adapt to the ever-growing needs of the market and consumers, who are increasingly becoming more concerned about their diet, and environmentally conscious; consumers who seek naturally grown, residue-free food, of higher quality, flavor, and aroma.

However, your biggest obstacle is the lack of effective alternatives to synthetic chemistry and hormones, that will allow you to maintain your production level while satisfying consumers’ wants.

Healthier and More Profitable Crops

Where Nature and Efficacy Walk Hand-in-Hand

At Kimitec Agro, we make use of nature’s resources to increase the productivity and quality of your crops. Our solutions originate from the synergistic actions of four sources of natural raw materials such as botany, microalgae, microbiology, and green chemistry, encompassed in our 4 Health Technology. Through them, we achieve the same efficacy as when applying chemical synthesis products.

We Are Part of Kimitec Group

We are part of Kimitec Group; our group of companies works to offer natural and innovative solutions in agriculture, livestock, and human consumption goods, reformulating the present and setting the foundations for a future of healthier and higher quality food.

We Are Part of Kimitec Group

We Do Productive Biotechnology

Our innovation is not only closely linked to the productivity that our products offer to growers, but to our very own productivity.

We avoid producing waste, we re-utilize everything. We give back to nature what it provides for us, creating tools from agri-food industry by-products, and returning them to the field. Making us very competitive and enabling us to come full circle.