Do you know about macro- and microalgae’s joint bio-stimulating action?

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In a previous post, we explained the differences between microalgae and macroalgae, as well as their production processes, which gave us the opportunity to present to you our 100% natural biostimulant solution based on the joint action of macroalgae and microalgae: SEANERGY.

The different stress conditions that crops endure – abiotic stress, biotic stress and growth factors – are common knowledge; all of which cause a decrease in crop yield and production, lowering the crops’ profitability.

Consequently, our R+D+i team has developed formulas that ensure such biostimulant action of macroalgae and microalgae in different crops, the core of our product: SEANERGY.

The product provides the following benefits and advantages:

Greater resistance to environmental stress.  Improves the crop’s ability to respond to different stress conditions, ensuring a quick recovery.

Increased harvest quality.  It optimizes the crop’s metabolic processes and it provides essential molecules to the plant, helping it conserve energy that would otherwise be used to synthesize them.

High synergy with other products in the range: FRUCTÓN FL, FRUKA, RHINÖ HighTech, etc.

Higher crop yield. It increases nutritional efficacy by quickly providing nutrients and maximizing their absorption.

Organic product


Learn more about our product SEANERGY.