Through Weboost, we set in motion internal projects with our team to promote professional growth, and also serve as a platform to support external ideas, providing a work ecosystem based on 3 assets: the MAAVi Innovation Center as a means for concept development, a team of experts to supervise projects in all areas and financial support to launch such projects.

Weboost is an accelerator we have created to bring forth internal ideas. In this way, we create our microbiome of start-ups that begin as part of the Kimitec Group in 4 distinct areas: agriculture, livestock, human, and technology.

Our vision is to transversely replicate our business model on the replacement of synthetic molecules through these 4 development focuses.


Other Brands of the Group

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Kimitec Group

We are a business group that designs and produces solutions for professional agriculture with the same efficacy as synthetic chemistry.

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Maavi Foundation

Foundation aims to promote integration and cohesion within the community.

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Weboost is an accelerator we have created to bring forth internal ideas.

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MAAVi Innovation Center

El mayor Centro de Investigación de biopesticidas, bioestimulantes, probióticos y prebióticos de Europa.

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Design, optimize and develop a new generation of natural probiotics, prebiotics, priming solutions, and multifunctional biopesticides.

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higher quality, purer, guarded, residue-free, and productive medical Cannabis crop.

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Research and the development of products for nutrition, probiotics, and bioprotection in professional agriculture, focused on sports turf.

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