Bombardier Sugar


Think Green

Biostimulant that improves sugar content and color in fruits.


Available packaging

1, 5, 20, 220 and 1.000 L

  • Increase Brix degrees.

  • Reduce different types of stress in the crop, increasing the mobilization and accumulation of solutes in the fruit.

  • High concentration of biologically active molecules to promote sugar formation and ripening processes.

  • Improves the fruit’s organoleptic qualities such as: flavor, color, aroma.

BOMBARDIER SUGAR is a new generation biostimulant. Starting from the basics and the benefits of four broad groups of compounds such as amino acids (specific aminogram), fulvic acids, organic matter, and ligosaccharides, we were able to stimulate and increase the levels of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides in the fruit.

BOMBARDIER SUGAR provides crops with a greater capacity for synthesis of two of the main polysaccharides: cellulose (structural function) and starch (reserve function), among others, achieving a direct effect on maturation, coloring and ultimately favoring an increase in Brix degrees.

To obtain optimum results we have incorporated in the formulation, in addition to the compounds previously mentioned (amino acids, fulvic acids, organic matter and oligosaccharides), elements such as Fe, K, betaines, proteins, enzymes, auxins and vitamins. This second group enables BOMBARDIER SUGAR to reach optimum results in ripening levels and green organ development, as well as an increase in fruit size and quality.

  • Fruit Trees

    20 L/ha

Available in more than 19 countries, highlighting:

  • South America

    Argentina, Brazil.

  • Oceania

    Australia, New Zealand.

  • Europe

    Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.

  • North America

    Canada, Jamaica, Mexico.

  • Africa

    Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia.

  • Asia



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    • Tillering
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  • All kinds of crops
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