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Biostimulant of radicular and foliar action that provides energy, vigor, rapid response to stress, and growth to the plant.


Available packaging

1, 5, 20, 220 and 1.000 L

  • Rapid response in stressful situations, stimulation of vegetative development, and a balanced productivity of the crops.

  • Complexing effect of blocked elements in the soil from low temperatures or extreme pH.

  • Exerts a regenerating action of the physical, chemical, and microbiological properties of the soil.

  • Provides a set of biostimulanting molecules like amino acids, peptides, natural phytohormones and secondary metabolites.

BOMBARDIER is a new concept Biostimulant of plant origin, complete and versatile, due to its exclusive process of natural obtainment through bacterial fermentation. This process gives BOMBARDIER, in its global composition, a specific aminogram, an elevated concentration of high quality fulvic acids, and a whole set of natural biostimulanting molecules (betaines, auxins, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, among others) as well as various carbohydrates.

  • Vegetables

    In leafy crops apply mainly during vegetative development stage. In fruit crops, apply throughout the entire cycle continuously, repeating applications depending on the status of the soil, stress levels, and environmental conditions.

  • Fruit Trees

    Apply at sprouting, dormancy release, pre-blooming and once when the fruit setting is complete, and mainly to stressed crops.

  • Raw crops

    Apply a minimum of 1 time at a dose of 4 L/ha. Anti-stress punctual applications can be made at a dose of 10 L/ha. In winter cereals, apply it mixed with spring herbicide. In summer cereals, apply 35-40 days after seeding.

Available in more than 44 countries, highlighting:

  • Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain.

  • Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates.

  • Argentina, Brazil, Peru.

  • Australia, New Zealand.

  • Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama.

  • Colombia, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Nicaragua, Serbia, United Kingdom.

  • India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey.

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Phenological phase

    • Sowing
    • Planting
    • Rooting
    • Emergence

    • Vegetative development
    • Sprouting
    • Tillering
    • Stem elongation

    • Vegetative development
    • Blooming
    • Vegetative development
    • Fruit setting
    • Vegetative development
    • Emergence of the inflorescence

    • Fruit Growth
    • Ripening
    • Grain Filling
    • Ripening

    • Harvesting
    • Post-harvest life

  • All kinds of crops
  • Row crops

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