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Formulation with Fulvic Acids and NPK that organically improves soils.


Available packaging

1, 5, 20, 220 and 1.000 L

  • Recovers heavily depleted soils by improving the physical-chemical structure of soils and providing easily absorbable NPK content.

  • Increases nutrients uptake by complexing the blocked elements and favoring cation exchange capacity.

ESPARTAN is formulated from organic matter obtained from selected plant material, which improves the rhizosphere, retains water and oxygenates the soil. It also stimulates the green organs development and the fruits in adverse situations

Thanks to its natural origin, it provides, in addition to Organic matter and Fulvic acids, essential elements such as N, P and K. It also provides natural biostimulant substances like betaines, sugars, proteins, enzymes, auxins and vitamins. This set of elements enhances the soil’s microbial flora.

  • Vegetables

    10-20 L/ha

  • Fruit Trees

    10-20 L/ha

  • Raw crops

    10-15 L/ha

Available in more than 13 countries, highlighting:

  • Europe

    Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.

  • North America


  • Africa

    Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia.

  • Asia

    Iran, Israel, Kuwait.

  • Serbia.


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Phenological phase

    • Sowing
    • Planting
    • Rooting
    • Emergence

    • Vegetative development
    • Sprouting
    • Tillering
    • Stem elongation

    • Vegetative development
    • Blooming
    • Vegetative development
    • Fruit setting
    • Vegetative development
    • Emergence of the inflorescence

    • Fruit Growth
    • Ripening
    • Grain Filling
    • Ripening

    • Harvesting
    • Post-harvest life

  • All kinds of crops
  • Row crops

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