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Humectant agent that favors the uniform penetration of water in the soil.


Available packaging

1, 5, 20, 220 y 1.000 L

  • Increases the efficiency of water and nutrient management, increases the oxygen level in the soil water and decreases leaching.

  • Reduces and helps to overcomes critical periods during the crop cycle, such as hydric or thermal stress.

FIX & RELEASE is a soil wetting agent based on zinc (Zn) and non-ionic polymers. They improve the penetrating and moisturizing water conditions in the soil, providing lateral movement and uniform moisture, at the same time that it reduces leaching. These characteristics provide soil hydration and rehydration, enhancing the amount of water and nutrients available for the physiological demands in the root area.

This product’s properties favor its application in crops with compact, heavy clay, sandy soils and substrates. additionally, due to its Zinc content, it promotes root growth.

FIX & RELEASE provides several advantages such as improving the water and nutrient management; reducing and overcoming the crop’s critical periods (hydric or thermal stress); and contributing to improve harvest production, quality and uniformity.

  • Vegetables

    1.5-2 L/ha

Available in more than 10 countries, highlighting:

  • Oceania


  • South America


  • Asia

    Israel, Kuwait.

  • Europe

    Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain.

  • North America


  • Africa



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The molecule found in FIX & RELEASE is amphiphilic, that is, it has one hydrophilic end inward that soluble in water, and another hydrophobic end towards the outside that rejects water. The polar attraction occurs between the water molecule and the surfactant molecule.

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