Radic Stim


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Liquid, 100% natural and organic-certifiable root enhancer.


Available packaging

1, 5, 20, 220 and 1.000 L

  • 100% natural, non-hormonal and organic-certifiable root enhancer.

  • Quick rooting thanks to the secondary metabolites obtained through our technology.

  • Improvement of the root system structure through the development of primary, secondary and tertiary roots.

  • Higher uptake and bioavailability of water, nutrients and trace elements.

RADIC STIM is an organic, liquid, non-hormonal root enhancer that favors root development when this process acquires a significant role, such as during transplants, the regeneration of a damaged root system and times of high nutritional demand.

RADIC STIM is based on organic raw materials specifically selected for being a rich source of peptides, amino acids, polysaccharides and humic acids.

The use of fermentation techniques and enzymatic hydrolysis allows for a transformation of the raw material and the release of those nutrients, making them available and rapidly accessible to the plant. Furthermore, during the process, secondary metabolites are obtained from the microorganisms involved in the fermentation, which have a powerful biostimulating effect on the root system.

This production process results in a 100% natural and organic-certifiable product that is, in addition, as effective as those based on synthetic phytohormones.

  • Vegetables

    5 – 10L/ha

  • Fruit Trees

    5 – 10L/ha

  • 5 – 10L/ha

Available in more than 18 countries, highlighting:

  • Oceania


  • South America

    Brazil, Chile, Peru.

  • North America

    Canada, Mexico.

  • Colombia, France.

  • Europe

    Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain.

  • Africa

    Morocco, Tunisia.

  • Asia



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Phenological phase

    • Sowing
    • Planting
    • Rooting
    • Emergence

    • Vegetative development
    • Sprouting
    • Tillering
    • Stem elongation

    • Vegetative development
    • Blooming
    • Vegetative development
    • Fruit setting
    • Vegetative development
    • Emergence of the inflorescence

    • Fruit Growth
    • Ripening
    • Grain Filling
    • Ripening

    • Harvesting
    • Post-harvest life

  • All kinds of crops
  • Row crops

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