We merge science and nature to create our solutions

  • BNS Platform

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  • i-fol

    Foliar application technology based on natural complexing ingredients that contribute to a homogeneous dispersion, high absorption, and mobility of the formula’s components within the plant.

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  • i-zyme

    Soil application technology that provides the properties of selected organic molecules for uniform distribution, maximum availability of formulations, active absorption, and transportation to plant organs.

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  • XT Technology

    The XT technology is a combination of molecules that promote the foliar uptake and mobility of the formula’s components within the plant.

    Thanks to the innovative XT Technology developed by our R&D&I team, the formulations made under this technology facilitate the absorption and mobility of all its components throughout the plant, ensuring vigorous and uniform growth.

    The organic molecules combination works as a translocator, guaranteeing the development and productivity of crops, maintaining their quality and balance.

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